The Castles of the Duchy, atmospheres of yesteryear

Come with us to get to know about the history and the lives of the illustrious people who lived through significant and important events.  Walk with us through these magnificent  Castles breathing in the atmosphere of every detail and  listen to your guide tell of the myths and legends surrounding each one…

Best loved Food and Wine Tours

Actually visiting the producers to see first-hand the various phases of the production of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese,  Parma Ham or Traditional Balsamic Vinegar.  A truly personal journey of discovery into the world of all these products…

Getting to Know Parma through Music and the Opera

Our area saw the birth of Giuseppe Verdi and Arturo Toscanini and is an important destination for all music lovers.  You will have the chance to visit places and see monuments which are inextricably linked to a deeply rooted tradition which has been carefully nurtured up to modern times.

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Fully licensed tourist guides in Emilia Romagna

Guided Tours

Our territory is the county of Emilia-Romagna and we would like to show it to you with tours available in Italian, naturally, but also English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. For a rounded vision of this Italian region we offer a series of themed tours (art, music, nature, food and wine, historical...) which are entirely flexible and can be customized for all types of client.

Languages and linguistic services available

We offer guided tours in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. We also offer translation services and both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in a number of languages and can provide language assistance during trade fairs and social or business meetings.

Food and wine

Parma is part of what we call ‘Food Valley’. Maybe because around our way we really do produce a great number of good things to eat ! Parma ham, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, Culatello DOP from Zibello, innumerable types of ‘salami’ cold cuts from cooked shoulder of ham, to coppa or neck of pork to pork belly bacon just to mention a few. If you are curious about these delicacies and would like to know more about the origin of these highly prized specialities, then come with us to meet the craft producers of these great foods. It will be a journey of discovery for you and a moment of intense gratification for your taste buds ! A great day of learning about and tasting fine food.

Culture and Events

Please contact us to organize conferences, guided tours of exhibitions and events, but also to arrange team building activities for companies and work groups, fun activities on a cultural theme for children or entry-level ‘getting to grips with art’ tours..

Tailor-Made services

All of our proposals are flexible and can be customized for your specific needs: whether you are a school, a dynamic group of retirees, a cultural association, a large group of friends or a family, Italian or foreign, please get in touch for a series of suggestions and an estimate. Together we can find the best way to spend YOUR tim !

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On site services

We can provide assistance at airports or at trade fairs, event management, conferences, shows as well as services of interpreters, accompaniment and client welcoming, hostess and shopping consultants..

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Services available with private driver

If you would like to visit our region but you don’t have a car available we can provide a hire car with driver service to accompany you on your visit to a Castle, a provincial city, a cheese or ham producer, a vinegar loft or the homelands associated with Giuseppe Verdi or, indeed, anything that excites your interest...! Please get in touch for a personalized trip and a quote.

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Fully licensed tourist guides

As a group of fully licensed guides, we have been involved in all aspects of tourism for a number of years whether it be cultural tourism, food and wine tourism, musical tourism or teaching and laboratories for children and students; we can guide you to a discovery of our territory putting you in touch with the historical and artistic reality or the most interesting productive aspects of the area working with you to establish the most suitable tour for your needs. To create a better professional quality of service and maintain a competitive pricing policy we have decided to pool our resources and talents in a web site to offer the best to the individual, to schools, groups, travel agencies and put your needs first!

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About us!

A big ‘hi’ to everybody from Elena, Francesca and Giulia. We are all fully licensed tourist guides who have amassed great experience in our chosen field working with enthusiasm and dedication. Each one of us has a different ‘speciality’ so why not get to know us ?

Giulia Marinelli

I have always loved art, especially painting and I have been lucky enough to transform this passion into my work. To be in daily contact with beauty is a privilege I enjoy sharing with others and explains why I love accompanying Italians and foreigners who are visiting this region of Italy..
Contact me:
Mobile: +393356070341

Francesca Celato

Even as a young child I was always fascinated by art and history and the stories bound up with the places I visited. I enjoy art tours to which I add food and wine, an important part of life in this Italian region, and I firmly believe that it is vital to actually ‘taste’ the places you visit ! I adore my work and enjoy searching out new things to offer my guests so why not get in touch and we can talk about what you want to do here...!
Contatct mei:
Mobile: +393355425503

Elena Bonilauri

I studied foreign literature in Milan and my interest in history, art and music led me to choose the profession of tourist guide way back in 1995. I live in Busseto and Giuseppe Verdi and Opera music are my twin passions and over the years I have been lucky enough to work with young opera singers in singing academies..
Please get in touch:
Mobile: +393389927889

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Events and News

Cene d’autunno a Parma

Posted By admin

Qui a Parma c’è sempre chi ha nuove idee per assaggiare di tutto, nelle maniere più diverse e nei luoghi più insoliti, ed ecco che in concomitanza con eventi e fiere già collaudati da anni, come il Mercanteinfiera e il Verdi Festival, c’è chi ha

Musical themes, Parma Tour

Music in Parma

Posted By admin

We like to say that here in Parma we have music flowing in our veins.  In the city there are many places where this sublime art is still today practiced and taught and we would love to help you discover them.  According to the time

Castles and hamlets

Castles and Hamlets

Posted By admin

You will not be surprised to learn that over the centuries the Parma nobility covered the territory with all kinds of buildings: from austere fortresses to impressive manor houses and romantic castles all of which attract the curious visitor who remains surprised and awed by